Julia Krynke

‘Ein Starkes Team: Tödliche Botschaft’ (ZDF)

Julia has just started filming a German television movie in Berlin “Ein Starkes Team: Tödliche Botschaft”, directed by Maris Pfeiffer. The film is produced by UFA Fiction for the German channel ZDF.

The action is set in shadowy diplomatic circles. The body of an entrepreneur, Markus Gebhard (Max Woelky) is discovered in the boot of a car. The driver, an employee of the Terkistan embassy Artur Zadeh (Ivan Shvedoff), cannot explain how the body happened to be in his car. The investigation is difficult for the commissars as investigating within the embassy area is a taboo for police. It turns out that Gebhard had an affair with Natascha Karpenko (Julia Krynke). Her husband Dimitri (Jewgienij Sitochin) discovered their affair just before Gebhard’s death. To read more about the production in German click here.